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100Tímetros Anti-thinning - SHAMPOO 300ml/10,1fl.oz

100Tímetros Anti-thinning - SHAMPOO 300ml/10,1fl.oz

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Have you ever brushed your hair, looked at the brush and been shocked by how many hairs have fallen out?
Hair shedding can cause worry, but stay calm, we have a solution! First, you need to understand that the health of your hair starts from the inside out. So, when there is a change in the strands for no apparent reason, the explanation might be within the body itself, and one indicator is shedding.

The lack of vitamins and nutrients is one of the main reasons. Then understand that it’s very important to keep your scalp and strands healthy, since excess dirt can aggravate the shedding. Intending to solve this problem once and for all, Ybera Paris Group’s laboratories has developed the 100Tímetros line from Fashion Gold.

100Tímetros Anti-thinning treats the hair strands from the inside out and from the outside in, managing thinning effectively and definitively.

SHAMPOO: Restores strength, resistance, and density to the hair, combatting hair shedding. Its compound of nano encapsulated components delivers all the care of taking supplements, increasing the production of energy in the hair bulb and strengthening the musculature of the scalp.

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