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Fashion Gold

Kit CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System +CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System SHAMPOO - 500ml/ 17.6 fl oz

Kit CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System +CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System SHAMPOO - 500ml/ 17.6 fl oz

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CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System - Fashion Gold

CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System SHAMPOO - 500ml/ 17.6 fl oz



CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System - Fashion Gold

Having treated, nourished, and repaired hair has never been so easy!
The Fashion Gold Hair Care System has been meticulously formulated with the most advanced technology to deliver astonishing results from the first use. Its exclusive OrthoReconstructor®️ technology has a high performance in all the layers of the hair strand, achieving a complete treatment and restoring the hair’s resistance, elasticity, and manageability .

Why Fashion Gold Hair Care?
Our hair care system is a schedule of treatments that are interspersed with washes, each step with the specific aim to achieve the following benefits to the hair: Hydration, Nutrition, and Repair Unlike other options on the market, the Fashion Gold Hair Care System is the only one that treats the hair from the inside out.
In just 3 steps, it is able to restructure the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle of the hair strand. Hers is an explanation of each step and its exclusive features:

The medulla is the innermost layer that provides sustenance and structure to the hair strand. It’s a layer of cells originating from the cortex that no longer contains water. When weakened by chemicals and other wear and tear, the hair loses resistance and it’s more susceptible to breakage and shedding. In addition to leaving the hair without the structure to take other chemical processes such as coloring, bleaching, progressive straightening treatments, etc. With a high concentration of keratin and plant amino acids, the Fashion Gold Hair Care system regenerates and restructures the hair’s medulla, restoring the vitality to this essential element for the health of the hair. It binds the nutrients by means of its exclusive OrthoReconstructor®️ technology. Instantaneous action: Immediate benefits

The cortex is the second and the main layer of the hair strand. It gathers high levels of hydrogen and oxygen which are responsible for the internal hydration of the hair strand. It’s also responsible for the retention of keratin determining the elasticity and resistance of the hair. When the cortex is unstructured or damaged by chemicals and other factors, it’s impossible to have beautiful, smooth, and healthy hair. With its formula rich in amino acids and plant based ceramides, Fashion Gold Hair Care system regenerates and restructures the hair’s cortex, restoring protein mass, giving substance and strengthening the hair via its exclusive OrthoReconstructor®️ technology which balances the elasticity of the hair strand and creates a powerful anti-frizz effect. Instantaneous action: Immediate benefits

The cuticle is the external layer of the hair composed of overlapping scales that give protection to the strand. The cuticle is resistant to external actions (physical or chemical) that the hair undergoes. When it comes in contact with strong chemicals, it loses its natural strength, leaving the hair strand weakened and lacking shine. When the hair cuticles are damaged, it significantly increases frizz, making the hair difficult to comb and keep neat, leaving it unbalanced and lifeless. With its exclusive OrthoReconstructor®️ technology, the Fashion Gold Hair Care system regenerates and restructures the hair cuticle, leaving the strands appearing hydrated, shiny, and manageable. Instantaneous Action: Immediate Benefits In addition to these benefits, discover one more reason to love the Fashion Gold Hair Care system. Its high performance formula and immediate effectiveness, prevents harmful product buildup, which is the accumulation of residue from products on the hair, that leaves it weighed down, dull, stiff, and looking dirty. This happens when we use the same products for a long time and when we do the same types of treatments, such as moisturizing, for example.

This is how you introduce the 3 step Fashion Gold Hair Care System to your daily hair routine without worrying about any unwanted cumulative effects.

You can still adapt the steps to suit your needs.
Don’t be left out!

Achieve hydrated, nourished, and repaired hair like never before!


This offer contains: 1 Fashion Gold Hair Care System that includes
Step 1: Medulla – 250g
Step 2: Cortex- 250g
Step 3: Cuticle – 250g


CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System SHAMPOO - 500ml/ 17.6 fl oz

The Fashion Gold Multifunctional Shampoo introduces an advanced formula, integrating high-permanece cleaning agents with nourishing and reconstructive ingredients. The effective cleaning agents remove impurities gently, while the natural açaí oil provides deep moisture to the strands. The reconstructive compounds found in the formula strengthen the hair structure, reducing damage and breakage, resulting in revitalized hair from root to ends.

This shampoo plays a crucial role in establishing an optimized basis for the subsequent treatment, guaranteeing even more effective results within the context of the Fashion Gold Hair Care System.

The mission associated with this product is to simplify the hair care routine, offering effectiveness without compromising results. The Multifunctional Shampoo makes a holistic approach possible, saving time and effort to provide clean hair, moisture, nourishment, and revitalization, all in one step.





Ceramides offer significant benefits to the hair, like the ability to uniformly distribute heat during the use of thermal tools such as flat irons and hair dryers. This helps to reduce damaged caused by excessive heat, preventing dryness and breakage. Furthermore, ceramides provide smoothness and shine to the hair resulting in a  healthier, neater appearance. In a nutshell, ceramides contribute to the protection of the hair during heat styling and promote a silkier, shinier look.



Hydrolyzed keratin is formed from keratin that has gone through a process of breaking down protein molecules, making it easier to be absorbed by the hair. It’s benefits include: strengthening of the hair structure, damage repair, increase in elasticity and durability of the hair strand, in addition to contributing to the reconstruction of the hair cuticle. This substance is especially effective for hair damaged by chemical processes, such as straightening and coloring, providing a healthier, shinier appearance.



The volume control polymer’s objective is to control frizz and the shape of the hair, which creates a coating around the strand, helping to maintain the desired shape. The benefits include better manageability, definition, and hairstyles that last longer, granting a more controlled, neat look.



Essential amino acids are fundamental components of proteins, necessary for hair health and growth. These amino acids play a crucial role in the construction and repair of the strands. Their benefits include strengthening of the hair structure, damage prevention, increased elasticity, promotion of healthy growth, and aiding in moisturizing the hair.



Conditioning peptides are small chains of amino acids that offer significant benefits to the hair. They act as conditioning agents, providing moisture and softness, making it easier to detangle the hair. In addition, they help strengthen the hair structure, contributing to the reduction of damage and breakage.



D-panthenol is a form of vitamin B5.  Its benefits include the ability to attract and retain moisture, offering intense hydration to the strands. This results in softer, more flexible hair, less prone to damage. Furthermore, D-panthenol contributes to the thickening of the strands, providing volume and improving manageability.




Advanced Cleaning: High-performance cleaning agents gently remove impurities, guaranteeing an effective wash.


Deep Moisturizing: The presences of natural açaí oil in the formula delivers an intense moisture to the hair, leaving it soft and malleable.


Hair Reconstruction: Rebuilding compounds strengthen the hair structure, reducing damage and breakage, resulting in revitalized hair from the root to tip.


Optimized Basis for Treatment: It plays a crucial role in establishing an optimized basis for the subsequent treatment, guaranteeing even more effective results with Fashion Gold Hair Care System.




The mode of action of a traditional shampoo involves the opening of the hair cuticle during the wash due to its highly alkaline pH. However, the Multifunctional Shampoo is formulated with intelligent active ingredients the are able to open and close the cuticles without causing damage to the internal structure of the strand, known as the cortex. This is possible due to the presence of special ingredients that respond to the needs of the hair, keeping it healthy and minimizing damage, even while the cuticle is open.




  1. Apply the Multifunctional Shampoo to wet hair;
  2. Massage it in until it forms a lather;
  3. Rinse and repeat;
  4. Then apply the mask from the Fashion Gold Hair Care System based on the needs of the hair.




Is the Multifunctional Shampoo meant for all hair types?

Yes, the Fashion Gold Multifunctional Shampoo is formulated to work on all hair types, insuring cleaning, moisturizing, and reconstruction.


How should I use the multifunctional shampoo in my hair routine?

It is recommended to use the Multifunctional Shampoo as part of your wash routine, with the ability to follow it with the specific treatments from Fashion Gold Hair Care System.


Is the multifunctional shampoo safe for chemically treated hair?

Yes, the formula was developed to be gentle and effective,  suitable for hair that has gone through chemical processes such as dying and straightening.


Is the multifunctional shampoo effective against frizz?

Yes, the volume control polymer found in the formula helps to control frizz, keeping the strands under control.


Can the multifunctional shampoo be used daily?

Yes, the multifunctional shampoo is gentle and suitable for daily use, promoting an effective wash without causing damage.


What are the roles of essential amino acids and conditioning peptides?

These components strengthen the hair structure, improving resistance and malleability of the strands in addition to  conditioning the cuticle.


Can D-panthenol leave the hair oily?

No, D-panthenol acts as a humectant, attracting and retaining moisture without causing excessive oiliness in the hair.


Is the multifunctional Shampoo recommended for thick hair?

Yes, the volume control polymer helps to control and define the strands, benefiting thick hair.


What difference do the ceramides make in the formula?

Ceramides not only prevent dryness and breakage, but they also deliver a smooth, shiny appearance. This results in visibly healthier, more radiant hair.

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