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Fashion Gold

Protect Poo MOUSSE Pre-Shampoo - 170ml/10,1fl.oz

Protect Poo MOUSSE Pre-Shampoo - 170ml/10,1fl.oz

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If your hair has dry ends, is damaged, or is chemically treated, you might notice that, after several washes, your ends are thinner or your strands appear duller .
This is the effect that harsh surfactants used in shampoos has on hair fibers.

Fashion Gold’s Protective Pre-Poo is specifically formulated to protect and hydrate before shampooing , preventing the hair strands from being completely stripped of their natural oils along with the day’s impurities.

With the power of oils and cationic technology (positively charged), a protective coating is created on the ends on the hair, but without completely shielding them, lessoning the impact of the surfactant in the shampoo.
Furthermore, this technology prevents the much feared cumulative effect on the hair strands (build-up), not altering the performance of the conditioners and masks used after the shampoo.
Silky-smooth hair with intense shine, that is easy to detangle and comb, with full, not split, ends are some of the main benefits of FASHION GOLD’S PROTECTIVE PRE-POO.


Protect Poo Mousse is an ideal option for those looking for something more lightweight and reinvigorating for their hair before shampooing. With its smooth and airy texture, it helps to moisturize the strands, leaving them with the sensation of weightlessness and well-being. Its exclusive formula contains baobab oil and shea butter, which leave the hair healthier and more resistant. In addition to this, Protect Poo Mousse helps to prevent breakage and dryness in the strands, guaranteeing more beautiful and revitalized hair. With this exclusive innovative product, you can care for your hair quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the weightless feeling provided.


Apply the Pre-shampoo to dry hair throughout the length of the strands. Leave it on for two minutes, and then shampoo hair with Protect & Control Shampoo.

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