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Fashion Gold

PROTECT POO - Pre-Shampoo 500ml/16,9fl oz

PROTECT POO - Pre-Shampoo 500ml/16,9fl oz

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If your hair has dry ends, is damaged, or is chemically treated, you might notice that, after several washes, your ends are thinner or your strands appear duller .
This is the effect that harsh surfactants used in shampoos has on hair fibers.

Fashion Gold’s Protective Pre-Poo is specifically formulated to protect and hydrate before shampooing , preventing the hair strands from being completely stripped of their natural oils along with the day’s impurities.

With the power of oils and cationic technology (positively charged), a protective coating is created on the ends on the hair, but without completely shielding them, lessoning the impact of the surfactant in the shampoo.
Furthermore, this technology prevents the much feared cumulative effect on the hair strands (build-up), not altering the performance of the conditioners and masks used after the shampoo.
Silky-smooth hair with intense shine, that is easy to detangle and comb, with full, not split, ends are some of the main benefits of FASHION GOLD’S PROTECTIVE PRE-POO.

With its active moisturizers combined with baobab oil and shea butter, it creates a protective lipid barrier on the cuticle to receive the shampoo. The result is clean, extremely hydrated and tangle-free hair. INSTRUCTIONS Apply the PROTECTIVE PRE-POO lipid protection to dry hair 10 cm from the scalp and work down to the ends. Leave on the hair for 2 minutes. Rinse and then wash with the Fashion Gold post-progressive shampoo.

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