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CREME DE CETIM - Satin Cream 150g/5,6fl.oz

CREME DE CETIM - Satin Cream 150g/5,6fl.oz

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Fashion Gold’s 3 in 1 Satin Cream combines a careful selection of high-quality natural ingredients to provide a complete hair treatment during sleep.

Its innovative formula is composed of vegetable oils proven effective in the moisture, nourishment, and hydration of the strands, that deeply penetrate the hair cuticles, preventing the loss of water. Additionally, the presence of fibroin, a protein derived from silk thread, grants nutritional and strengthening properties to the hair, promoting a thorough repair and revitalization of the hair fibers.



Andiroba is a tree found in the Amazon region, known for its medicinal and cosmetic properties. Andiroba oil is extracted from seeds that possess anti-inflammatory, healing, and moisturizing properties.

Benefits:  Nourishment, moisture, shine, frizz reduction, volume control and elimination of split ends.


Babassu is a palm tree native to Brazil, predominantly from the Cerrado region and from Amazonia. Extracted from seeds, babassu oil is rich in fatty acids and has soothing properties.

Benefits: Nourishment, moisture, shine, soothing, conditioning, detangling, antioxidant rich, balances the pH of the strands and contributes to hair growth.



Brazil nut is a typical seed from the Amazon region. The Brazil nut is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, in addition to possessing antioxidant properties.

Benefits: Moisture, protection against damage, softness, and stimulation of hair growth.



Copaiba is a tree found predominantly in the Amazon region. Copaiba oil is extracted from tree resin and possesses anti-inflammatory, healing, and anti microbial properties.

Benefits: Control of oiliness, moisture, nourishment, stimulation of hair growth, and relief of scalp irritation.



It’s a protein found in silk thread, produced by silkworms, and known for its strengthening and protective properties.

Benefits: moisture, intense softness, smoothness, strength of the strands, protection against damage, UV protection, better elasticity, smoothing, anti-frizz and anti shedding properties.





1) Wash the hair as normal and remove the access water

2) Devide the hair into three equal sections 

3) Apply the satin cream evenly throughout the hair using a brush

4) Let the hair air dry or use a blow dryer

5) Comb to seal the cuticles and use a satin bonnet



1) Divide the hair into 3 equal sections

2) Apply a generous amount of the Satin Cream evenly to each section

3) Comb to seal the cuticles and cover the hair with a satin bonnet

4) While you sleep, the Satin Cream continues to work, penetrating the hair cuticle and reaching all of the layers of the strand.

5) In the morning, wash the hair. Let it air dry or use a blow dryer as desired.


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