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Fashion Gold HENNA for Eyebrows 2g - Castanho MEDIO (Medium Brown)

Fashion Gold HENNA for Eyebrows 2g - Castanho MEDIO (Medium Brown)

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Eyebrows play an important role in your facial expressions. 


A well-done shape, in harmony with the characteristics of the face, can enhance one’s look and promote each person’s beauty, increasing the self-esteem and confidence to face any day to day challenges. They are also a fundamental part of good makeup. 


The Pigment line’s exclusive formula provides optimum color attachment, naturalness, and a soft unique touch, guaranteeing an impeccable and long lasting effect. With easy application and fast use, you decrease the time lost shaping your eyebrows daily, ditching the pencil and mascara. 


Eyebrows are responsible for our most lively facial expressions. If they are not well taken care of, they can cause impressions that are different from what you want to express . Our look says a lot about us and is frequently used to illustrate and color our communication. For this reason, Fashion Gold has developed a line of products that complement and facilitate your daily life. 

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