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Fashion Gold

Kit 100Timetros Anti-thinning + CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System

Kit 100Timetros Anti-thinning + CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System

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KIT 100Timetros Anti-thinning

Have you ever brushed your hair, looked at the brush and been shocked by how many hairs have fallen out?  
Hair shedding can cause worry, but stay calm, we have a solution! First, you need to understand that the health of your hair starts from the inside out. So, when there is a change in the strands for no apparent reason, the explanation might be within the body itself, and one indicator is shedding.  
The lack of vitamins and nutrients is one of the main reasons. Then understand that it’s very important to keep your scalp and strands healthy, since excess dirt can aggravate the shedding. Intending to solve this problem once and for all, Ybera Paris Group’s laboratories has developed the 100Tímetros line from Fashion Gold. 

100Tímetro anti-thinning kit This kit treats the hair strands from the inside out and from the outside in, managing thinning effectively and definitively.  


Shampoo – Restores strength, resistance, and density to the hair, combatting hair shedding. Its compound of nano encapsulated components delivers all the care of taking supplements, increasing the production of energy in the hair bulb and strengthening the musculature of the scalp.  

 Conditioner – Provides daily protection to the strands, combatting the actions of free radicals and heavy metals. Its compound of nano encapsulated components delivers all the care of taking supplements to reduce shedding, leaving your strands strong, smooth and with intense shine.  

Tonic – The 100Tímetro Tonic from Fashion Gold activates circulation in the scalp, strengthening hair follicles, reducing daily shedding. The result is healthier and more resistant hair. 


CRONOGRAMA Hair Care System - Fashion Gold

Having treated, nourished, and repaired hair has never been so easy!
The Fashion Gold Hair Care System has been meticulously formulated with the most advanced technology to deliver astonishing results from the first use. Its exclusive OrthoReconstructor®️ technology has a high performance in all the layers of the hair strand, achieving a complete treatment and restoring the hair’s resistance, elasticity, and manageability .

Why Fashion Gold Hair Care?
Our hair care system is a schedule of treatments that are interspersed with washes, each step with the specific aim to achieve the following benefits to the hair: Hydration, Nutrition, and Repair Unlike other options on the market, the Fashion Gold Hair Care System is the only one that treats the hair from the inside out.
In just 3 steps, it is able to restructure the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle of the hair strand. Hers is an explanation of each step and its exclusive features:

The medulla is the innermost layer that provides sustenance and structure to the hair strand. It’s a layer of cells originating from the cortex that no longer contains water. When weakened by chemicals and other wear and tear, the hair loses resistance and it’s more susceptible to breakage and shedding. In addition to leaving the hair without the structure to take other chemical processes such as coloring, bleaching, progressive straightening treatments, etc. With a high concentration of keratin and plant amino acids, the Fashion Gold Hair Care system regenerates and restructures the hair’s medulla, restoring the vitality to this essential element for the health of the hair. It binds the nutrients by means of its exclusive OrthoReconstructor®️ technology. Instantaneous action: Immediate benefits

The cortex is the second and the main layer of the hair strand. It gathers high levels of hydrogen and oxygen which are responsible for the internal hydration of the hair strand. It’s also responsible for the retention of keratin determining the elasticity and resistance of the hair. When the cortex is unstructured or damaged by chemicals and other factors, it’s impossible to have beautiful, smooth, and healthy hair. With its formula rich in amino acids and plant based ceramides, Fashion Gold Hair Care system regenerates and restructures the hair’s cortex, restoring protein mass, giving substance and strengthening the hair via its exclusive OrthoReconstructor®️ technology which balances the elasticity of the hair strand and creates a powerful anti-frizz effect. Instantaneous action: Immediate benefits

The cuticle is the external layer of the hair composed of overlapping scales that give protection to the strand. The cuticle is resistant to external actions (physical or chemical) that the hair undergoes. When it comes in contact with strong chemicals, it loses its natural strength, leaving the hair strand weakened and lacking shine. When the hair cuticles are damaged, it significantly increases frizz, making the hair difficult to comb and keep neat, leaving it unbalanced and lifeless. With its exclusive OrthoReconstructor®️ technology, the Fashion Gold Hair Care system regenerates and restructures the hair cuticle, leaving the strands appearing hydrated, shiny, and manageable. Instantaneous Action: Immediate Benefits In addition to these benefits, discover one more reason to love the Fashion Gold Hair Care system. Its high performance formula and immediate effectiveness, prevents harmful product buildup, which is the accumulation of residue from products on the hair, that leaves it weighed down, dull, stiff, and looking dirty. This happens when we use the same products for a long time and when we do the same types of treatments, such as moisturizing, for example.

This is how you introduce the 3 step Fashion Gold Hair Care System to your daily hair routine without worrying about any unwanted cumulative effects.

You can still adapt the steps to suit your needs.
Don’t be left out!

Achieve hydrated, nourished, and repaired hair like never before!


This offer contains: 1 Fashion Gold Hair Care System that includes
Step 1: Medulla – 250g
Step 2: Cortex- 250g
Step 3: Cuticle – 250g
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