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Fashion Gold

Kit PROTECT & CONTROL Post Progressive 500g/ 17.6fl.oz + PROTECT POO- Pre-Shampoo MOUSSE 170ml/ 10.1fl.oz

Kit PROTECT & CONTROL Post Progressive 500g/ 17.6fl.oz + PROTECT POO- Pre-Shampoo MOUSSE 170ml/ 10.1fl.oz

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 The PROTECT & CONTROL SHAMPOO prolongs the results of the straightening treatment and preserves the shine and hydration-for your strands. 


Conventional shampoos tend to undo the effects of the straightening treatment up to 5x faster in addition to leaving your hair dull and dry. 

Fashion Gold Shampoo has already been developed with the most advanced technology to keep the hair cuticle closed, avoiding oxidation and the loss of the active ingredients that keep the hair straight and nourished. Its exclusive formulation cleans without damaging the strands, promoting a deep hydration and an intense treatment. Its concentrated formula provides better results, enabling an increased number of washes compared with that of other traditional shampoos. 


It’s recommended for all hair types and compatible with all chemical treatments on the market. It does not alter the color of the strands. It can be used daily. 


It’s recommended especially for those use the Fashion Gold Progressive Straightening treatment. 


This product does not straighten the hair, it only prolongs the effects obtained from the progressive straightening treatment . 


pH 7.0 


PROTECT & CONTROL MASK 500ml / 10,1oz 

Achieve your dream of straight, extremely hydrated hair with intense shine and manageability .  

The 2 in 1 mask is able to condition and hydrate at the same time, providing a unique result leaving your hair manageable and balanced. Its exclusive technology prolongs the effect of the Progressive straightening treatment , leaving your hair straight for much longer. It does away with the use of conditioner, since its pH balance hydrates while keeping the hair’s cuticle closed, preserving the straightening treatment for much longer. You can use it daily.  

It doesn’t increase the production of your hair’s natural oils, nor does it weigh it down. It keeps your strands under control, decreasing frizz, making it easier to comb after shampooing.  

It’s recommended for all hair types. It can even be used as a deep conditioning mask, if used with a heating cap for 10 to 25 minutes. It’s recommended especially for those who use FASHION GOLD Progressive straightening treatment .  

This product does not straighten the hair, it just extends the results obtained from the Progressive straightening treatment .  

pH: 4.5 


Protect Poo MOUSSE Pre-Shampoo - 170ml/10,1fl.oz


Protect Poo Mousse is an ideal option for those looking for something more lightweight and reinvigorating for their hair before shampooing. With its smooth and airy texture, it helps to moisturize the strands, leaving them with the sensation of weightlessness and well-being. Its exclusive formula contains baobab oil and shea butter, which leave the hair healthier and more resistant. In addition to this, Protect Poo Mousse helps to prevent breakage and dryness in the strands, guaranteeing more beautiful and revitalized hair. With this exclusive innovative product, you can care for your hair quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the weightless feeling provided.


Apply the Pre-shampoo to dry hair throughout the length of the strands. Leave it on for two minutes, and then shampoo hair with Protect & Control Shampoo.

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