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Fashion Gold

Protect & Control SPRAY MEMORY 150ml/5,6fl.oz

Protect & Control SPRAY MEMORY 150ml/5,6fl.oz

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Produtos de penteadoHair has its natural form, but often we want to change its appearance. That's where Fashion Gold's Spray Memory becomes your ally. With its exclusive Memory technology, it creates a temporary protective coating within the hair cuticle, providing nourishment, detoxification, anti-humidity action, and three-dimensional shine, while ensuring a perfect finish for all hair types.

Additionally, Fashion Gold's Spray Memory offers high thermal protection throughout the heat processes, safeguarding your hair against damage. This product is a favorite among influencers due to its ability to deliver amazing results in pre and post-straightening treatments, with multiple benefits to ensure loose, silky, and shiny hair.

The memory effect of Spray Memory is activated by heat, allowing for a safer and longer-lasting finish. The product is easy to remove during the shampooing process and can last up to 7 days on the hair, preventing frizz when exposed to humidity.

With just a few sprays of Fashion Gold's Spray Memory, your hair will be protected, frizz-free, and have a three-dimensional shine. This product is the right choice for those who want impeccable hair with salon-like results at home.


Wash and condition your hair with Fashion Gold's Protect & Control Shampoo and Mask. Rinse your hair thoroughly and remove excess water. Spray the Spray MemorySaúde e belezaProdutos de penteado throughout the length of the hair while it is still wet. Use heat, such as a hair dryer or flat iron, to activate the hair memorization technology of the Spray Memory and style your hair as desired.

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